Walk the green way !

The Green Way To Life is a non-profit association.
Our mission is to stimulate the transition towards a greener and safer world.

We accept all candidates… in accordance with our values and philosophy.

We have worked hard to edit a Code of Ethics which any candidate should respect and demonstrate its compliance to our values : integrity, social fairness, transparent and honest communication .

We also ask the candidates to commit to producing a minimum % of labeled products after 3 years.

The route to get The Green Way To Life label goes through 3 main steps –

  1. You definitely have to be a member of The Green Way To Life association. Quite simple ! But you have to apply.
  2. You have to test your formulae and packaging systems. Our experts have designed a complete database (also called DID list) which qualifies hundreds of molecules – having banned a whole set and included new innovative substitutes. At this stage, it is an automatic process, fully automatized and anonymous. You are interacting with the software and compare your product ad packaging profile against the DID list. No testing in an external lab is required at this stage.
  3. Once you have passed the evaluation stage, it is then proposed to certification. An independent body will audit the formulae, packaging and production processes. Positive audits will eventually be approved by our independent Control Committee.

All steps are anonymous and confidential.